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I’m such a dweeb

how many souls does it have to take to let my hair be curly at just the ends please

ideal look: underage

I’m fucking smoking before i do this children’s book about north korea

yo i was going to write poetry and be all deep because i smoked at like 4 in the morning but all i’m doing is watching kill la kill wow what a world

so on the train back from a tournament yesterday, Nick and I met some guy on the train and he talked about his wife that he met when he was our age. They’re still married and have kids and I think he was in his late 40s like he said he was. “If you’re happy, stay happy” or something like that, he told us the grass is never greener on the other side and to enjoy what you have now. He complimented my knitting and got to know us while carrying on this lovely, thoughtful conversation from Mets Willets Point to Astoria Blvd. 

Anyway, what I got from it is that everything comes and goes because it’s life and that’s what happens. The one thing I want to stay is Nick because he makes me so happy like sometimes he just brightens up my day even if we had a fight just a few minutes before. We’re flawed but we’re a perfect flaw and there’s no one that could ever understand that, which makes it even better that it’s happening. It’s lovely dovey, but I don’t give a shit. Nick is one of the things that keeps me going in life and I’m grateful that he’s stayed by me and put up with my shit for so long. I love him a lot, okay? He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

It was pretty funny how we met this guy because the day before I told Nick I was really depressed. I guess I have to keep my head up.

yo what the hell is sleep i got screenwriting in like 3 hours and a fucking tournament right after !!! should i even bother bringing my laptop or what of it

in my next life i want to be a fairy 

say no to smoking!!!

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tigger warning

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fiendin for some papers 

the working kind

it’s like I WANT to get up and sell poems but its like what will be the fuckin backfire of me getting up and selling poems yknow

i CANNOT watch this movie ANYMORE I thought this was going to be about FUCKING MUSIC 

if I had a nickel every time someone hung up on me I would be the richest bitch in the world


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